Critical Illness Cover 

None of us like to think about getting a critical illness but unfortunately its a fact of life. Critical illness can strike at any time. 
How many of us know someone who was physically fit, ate all the right things, didn't smoke or drink, seemed to be leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle and then was struck by a critical illness? Every 2 minutes in the UK someone is diagnosed with Cancer*, 420 people will die from Cardiovascular Disease today** and there are over 100,000 Strokes in the UK every year that is around one stroke every five minutes*** 
With the critical illness figures in 2018 so high you really do need to think about taking out cover to protect you from the worse case scenario. If you did get taken very ill how would you be able to work? Who would pay your mortgage or rent? Who would support your family? If the answer to these questions is I don’t know then you should consider taking out Critical Illness Cover or Serious Illness Cover as we prefer to call it. 
Most Critical Illness policies protect you for very specific serious illnesses and here’s the issue – not all critical illness policies are the same. You need to ensure you are talking to someone who knows the market and can talk you through the options and what would be best for you. 
According to Defaqto (February 2017) the typical Critical Illness policy in the UK covered around 48 conditions. When there are policies that can cover up to 174 conditions – which would you prefer? So, if you get seriously ill and find yourself unable to work because the doctor has told you to take time off to recover from a heart attack for example, how about a payment as a percentage of your cover to get you through the next couple of months when you need to take it easy? That would make things a little better. 
Think about taking out Serious Illness Cover today because with these shocking statistics from the likes of Cancer Research UK between you reading this and me writing this one of us is going to get some form of Cancer in our lifetime. Protect you and your family with Serious Illness Cover before it’s too late. 
*Cancer Research UK (Cancer Incidence Statistics)  
**British Heart Foundation (Cardiovascular Disease Statistics UK Factsheet) 
***Stroke Association (Stroke Statistics - February 2018) 
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