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If you are a lover of travelling this is a deal you don’t want to miss out on. We have teamed up with some luxury travel companied to be able to offer our policy holders some great deals and discounts on luxury travel to pretty much anywhere in the world. 
We all know we need to be more active, but it’s easier said than done and that is why we are here to help you. We have contacted providers of active products to be able to help our policyholders get more active, but in a more fun and enjoyable way – so they can have a longer, more fun and enjoyable lifestyle and future. 
Eating well is never easy, well, not as easy as eating anyway, especially when you have small children or shift work which can result in funny meal times or just a busy life and you barely have time to sit down and eat food let alone prepare good food. Why not look at these incredible bargains to help you eat well and promote a healthier diet for a healthier you. 
Quitting smoking along may seem near on impossible and although you may think that going cold turkey is the best option, you may find it a lot harder than you think. This is where our partners deals may come in handy, to help our policy holders quit smoking so they can enjoy a healthier and cleaner future. 
When you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle it is important that you know what condition your body is currently in and where improvements are needed, you may actually be healthier than you think. Why not book yourself in for some of these really useful health checks so you can know and understand your body 
Every healthy person has the occasional treat; it’s what makes you healthy but more importantly it is what makes you healthy. We have worked hard to get these brilliant little treats for our policyholders so they can enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. 
Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like free money??? That’s right; you will get free money (off your insurance) every time you make healthier lifestyle changes. We reward you with money for doing what we are giving you money off to do! 
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